Amul Tanzania Chocolat Noir - 55% Cocoa

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Amul Tanzania Chocolat Noir is a single origin dark chocolate 55% rich in Cocoa. A product of Tanzania's richest cocoa fields where Giraffes roam wild and free, this choclate has a nutty, sweet taste with hints of acidic and bitter notes that leave you desiring more. Refresh the essence  of a truly delicious experience.
This is a Vegetarian product.
  • Amul, Single Origin Dark Chocolate, Tanzania Chocolat Noir
  • Made with Cocoa from Tanzania, home of the magnificent Giraffe, Tanzania's richest cocoa fields yield a chocolate that has a nutty, sweet taste with hints of bitter notes.
  • A truly delicious experience in every bite.
  • Single Origin Dark Chocolate
  • 55% Rich in Cocoa
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