Assorted Natural Honey

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Natural honey has always been a household product that is consumed in large measure because of the multitude of health benefits it provides. With such a huge demand, the different variants of honey available become confusing to choose from and thus we bring to you a unique pack of six health honeys, each with a unique benefit. You can either try one honey each day or pick your favourite and see it work its miracle. Carefully handpicked to serve you needs, this assorted pack contains the Saffron Honey, Himalayan Honey, Ginger Honey, Sheesham Honey, Jujube Honey and Thulasi Honey.

Ingredients / Composition

6 varied natural honeys

Future Organics was established with an objective to serve food that is completely natural and organic with no pesticides or preservatives. Organic food is not only safer and more nutritious, but often better tasting than its chemical laden counterparts. Future Organics is the best way to revitalize your health and appreciate the true taste of nature!