Aroma - Cashews

Weight : 250gm
MRP : 280/-
Price : 250/-
You Save 30/-


Cashews health benefits includes aiding production of blood, supporting heart health, preventing cancer, improving blood pressure, helps fight migraine, prevents formation of gallstones, and support weight lose. other benefits includes boosting testosterone level, helps increase bone mass density, maintain skin health, help preserve vision, support liver health and help improve fertility.

Cashews are extremely nutritious, delicious and possess multiple health benefits we can take advantage of.

Health Benefits :

  • Cashews help Build Blood
  • Cashews are Heart Healthy
  • Can help prevent Cancer
  • Help in improve Blood Pressure
  • Can help inn Fight Migraines
  • Help prevent formation of Gallstones
  • Cashews can help you Lose Weight
  • Important for Increasing Bone Mass Density
  • Maintian the Health of Skin
  • Can Help Preserve Vision
  • Can Help Improve Fertility