Natraj Original Kashmiri Saffron

Weight : 1gm
MRP : 360/-
Price : 300/-
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Kashmiri Saffron is among the world’s most expensive culinary ingredients. This special spice has been around for a thousand years and has a plethora of uses. Apart from its unique earthy essence, the health benefits of the saffron what makes it a highly priced spice. Saffron is unquestionably a treasure trove of health benefits which makes this luxurious spice worth every dime and effort spent on it.

Health Benefits of Saffron:

·         Promotes Mental Health

·         Helps Prevent Macular Degeneration

·         Benefits Skin

·         Prevents Hair Loss

·         Provides Respiratory Health Benefits

·         Increases Sexual Vitality

·         Relieves Pain

·         Saffron Has Hormonal Health Benefits

·         Good for the Heart

·         Good for Digestion

·         Good for Optimal Cell Function

This is a Vegetarian product.

·       The product is processed as per the set industry norms and guidelines, has its standard of quality highly maintained.

·       Perfect strands

·       Impeccable taste booster

·      Vegetarian Society APPROVED. Regd. Trademark No. 344176, (Adopted Food Safety Management System) TCL certified


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Return Policy

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