Apple Cinnamon Reed Diffuser

Weight : 1Box
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Price : 450/-
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Product Description:

Product Details: Reed diffusers work on the principle of capillary action. When reeds which are porous and excellent for diffusion are partially immersed in a bottle of fragrance oil, fragrance travels up the reeds and gently permeates the room. This process gets the best out of your essential oils by releasing their full aromatic and therapeutic properties, thanks to cold diffusion which maintains the delicate balance of the oil’s chemical structure. 

​​​​​​​Colour: Red

Length: 100 mm

Q Factor: A 24 hour aromatic experience. No fire, no ash, truly maintenance-free.

Content: 1 Box containing ceramic pot, eight reed sticks of 7.5" & 60 ml diffuser oil. Cork attached to the neck of the jar with jute string & paper pouch.