Aroma - Golden Raisins

Weight : 250gm
MRP : 110/-
Price : 100/-
You Save 10/-


The most natural and safest medium to purify your blood. You would get relieved any blood ailment you are facing, with raisins within a few days.

Get rid of Anemia in 10 days with this sure solution Raisin. If you feel dull and slugginsh all day at work, you might be anemic. No, do not rush for getting those supplements. Order a pack of raisins from AROMA SPICES AND DRY FRUITS instead and get super energetic right from today.

Keep your eysight stronger with the natural nutrition shot that you get from Raisin. Strengthen you vision in more ways than you can imagine. Don't get your loved ones get blurred for you, start having raisins immediately.