Black Tea Bags - Organic Darjeeling Tea

Weight : 50gm
MRP : 175/-
Price : 150/-
You Save 25/-

Happy Valley Organic Darjeeling Black Tea Bags



Organic Black Tea grown at Happy Valley Tea Estate is harvested for its fine leaf to make this crisp and flavourful tea. This Broken Orange Pekoe Tea with an amber liquor is valued for its strength and sharpness. An afternoon tea that stimulates energy.

This pack contains Organic Darjeeling Tea grown in Happy Valley, the highest tea estate in Darjeeling . The vibrant bushes, nurtured by the misty mountain air and pure Himalayan water, flush with the finest leaf. Organic practices at the farm enhance the inherent quality of the produce. The leaves are selectively hand-plucked and processed at a factory that crowns Darjeeling at a height of 6,400ft.

Mild and floral. Full bodied with briskness and flavour of Darjeeling.