Bay Leaf - Tejpatta

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Bay Leaf is known as tejpatta in  Hindi, bay leaf is used for flavouring many dishes. One of the most significant benefits of adding bay leaves to your body is for your digestive health. This is more than just helping to keep your digestive system working, which is something fiber can do. Bay leaves aid with the digestive process, making it easier for the body to break down some of the complex proteins and starchy carbs in the diet. They will also make it easier for the digestive system to absorb nutrients within the food, offering extra health throughout the body. When the digestive system works better, there isn’t as much inflammation, which helps to reduce bloating and pain after eating.

Bay leaves can help to relieve respiratory conditions. In some cases, they offer relief from the symptoms, but in other cases, they can help to get rid of the conditions.

Many types of foods will help to protect the heart. However, they tend to protect the arteries, which will, in turn, protect the heart. Bay leaves are slightly different. They help to strengthen the heart’s capillary walls. They instantly support and enhance the muscle that keeps your blood pumping.

One of the biggest benefits of bay leaves is the ability to help regulate the blood sugar levels. They help to encourage the slower breakdown of food, meaning not as many sugars are released into the bloodstream.