Vaadi Herbals Value Pack of Tulip Oil Control Moisturizers With Green

Weight : 60ml
MRP : 68/-
Price : 60/-
You Save 8/-


Tulip Oil Control Moisturizer with Green Almonds extract has been specially formulated to grant your skin freedom from that oily look. Both, Tulip and Green Almond Extract, regulate the production of sebum (oil); ensuring that your skin is just perfectly moisturized; without making it look oily. The Saponins content further leaves your skin feeling feathery soft and supple.

Helps in giving you a flawless, even-tone and blemish-free skin

Control the production of sebum which leads to bacterial activity on the skin

Facilitate the prevention of pimples, acne, irritations and allergies

Protects the skin from harmful UV rays and other external factors

Provide nourishment and act as a moisture blanket on the skin surface