Vaadi Becalming Tea-Tree Anti-Acne Soap

Weight : 75gms
MRP : 44/-
Price : 41/-
You Save 3/-

With a high concentration of anti-microbial tea tree oil; this soap unclogs pores, &removes  dirt, germs & excess sebum;  granting you freedom from acne worries!

Product Description

What causes Acne?

These are a few causes which lead to Acne which further ends up in scarring and blemishes.

Everyday beauty products like sunscreen, make up items, creams and even excessive exfoliation can lead to Acne breakout or zits. Oil gets trapped in pores and the skin cannot breathe which causes skin irritation and pimples.

External factors such as air-pollution, exposure of skin in excessive sunlight for a long period of time.