About aroma dry fruits

Who We Are ?

AROMA Spices & Dry Fruits believe being healthy is our natural birth right. Health is a choice and decision made by individuals by eating right, exercising daily and taking proper sleep & rest. Food habits play a large role in individual’s health. Whether you want to lose weight or want to prevent or reverse life style diseases, the first step towards that would be is to replace chemicalized, pasteurized food products in your home with real, unprocessed, life giving foods. Resorting health and curing diseases are solely the responsibility of us. Our mission is to spread this knowledge and empower the people with healthy products & services to start taking care of themselves. To create a healthy society where people are slim, fit & energetic and where losing weight, prevention & reversal of life style diseases become possible.


We offer premium dry fruits that are good for your overall wellbeing. They strengthen your immune system and your heart. Our products help manage diabetes and are rich in nutrients. They are extremely nutritious, with high protein, calcium and vitamin content. Our premium dry fruits help you manage sugar levels and blood pressure. They are healthy and beneficial for growing children as well as adults.


We source the finest quality dry fruits & spices and home deliver them, right at your doorstep. Each product is sorted and graded with great accuracy and attention. They are healthy and providing you with the best nutrients.

Gifting Options

Pair up your wedding invites with our delightfully assorted and uniquely flavoured premium dry fruits. Share your wedding news with healthy premium dry fruits. We will cater gifts to Wedding, Srimantam, Gruhapravesam, Half Saree Celebration, and any special occasions. We would love to be a part of your celebrations. Tell us your preferences for flavours or products at +91 9666333313 or dinesh.aroma@outlook.com

Corporate Gifting

Get well with your business associates, clients and employees with our gourmet gifts of premium dry fruits. With our globally sourced and expertly crafted gourmet dry fruit collections. Build good relationships over our flavorful corporate gift boxes.

We specialize in Diwali gifting, and corporate gifting. We ensure your clients are happy with our customized Diwali boxes. We cater to product launch events, special occasions at your workplace, anniversaries etc.